The Alexander Technique is a unique way of learning how to become more aware of the way we use the body in everyday life. This ‘use’ has a direct effect on how the body functions and many problems can result from poor ‘use’ including RSI, neck and shoulder ache, back problems, migraines and stress. All too often we accept these as part of normal life — but we don’t have to! By helping you to function at your best, and building your awareness of where you may be going wrong, The Alexander Technique can greatly improve such problems.

The Alexander Technique is a gentle yet powerful method of changing the habits that cause excessive strain on muscles and joints, giving the mind and body a chance to work together more freely.

Because The Alexander Technique improves balance, co-ordination and flexibility, you can apply it to everything you do — from working at a desk, lifting, playing an instrument, driving, or DIY!

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